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Seasons change and birds at feeders now include the New Jersey State Bird. What is our State Bird?

What causes green algae scum to form in ponds?

Ten northeastern states, including New Jersey, formed the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) in 2008 to reduce carbon emissions, primarily from power plants, by using a cap and trade system. Revenues from the cap and trade system were used to support state projects to further reduce emissions. In 2011 one of the ten states was unilaterally withdrawn from RGGI by its governor. What was that state?


Why is organic mulch beneficial to plants?

According to a Stanford University survey taken in New Jersey after it was withdrawn from RGGI, What percentage of those polled was in favor of reducing pollution from power plants?

Why do leaves of deciduous trees lose their green color, to become bright yellow, red or orange, in the fall?

Ewing Township’s office installed a white roof over the last few years. Why is it white?

What is an Osage Orange?

To help cut down on carbon emissions, New Jersey has an Anti-Idling Law requiring that your engine be turned off. How long may you idle before having to turn off the engine? .

Have you noticed the solar panels installed on many telephone poles? PSE&G has installed thousands of them all over the state, with the power they produce going directly into the grid. This is a wonderful way to lower carbon emissions. How many solar panels has PSE&G installed so far?

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